Our story sets our path

Spectrum is a pioneer in the Middle East watch industry since its inception in 1990. From the sun and sands of the United Arab Emirates, we have always strived to cater to watch enthusiasts who look past mere brand names and look for genuine originality and quality.

Founded on the premise of creating distinctive alternatives to Big Brands, Spectrum has always supported the change-makers, the disruptors, those that push boundaries, innovate and create. These are the very same attitudes held by us and our creations. At Spectrum we are not just thinkers, we are doers as well. Change-makers are not like the rest. They see opportunity and creativity where others do not. They are each unique in their way and yet share a fondness for creativity and style. Global citizens with personal hearts, you will find the symbol of Spectrum on the wrists of any such individual.


We at Spectrum understand that every individual is unique, created by a mix of influences and their environments and yet shares a strong bond with each other. It is this blend that inspires us to create timepieces for the many moods, styles, and phases of your personality.

Just as Dubai, the very city that was our birthplace, Spectrum believes in action. Having risen from the deserts, from out of nowhere to become a central hub of business and entertainment, It has brought a life of luxury, and exquisite taste to everyone and Spectrum follows its path to bring original and brilliant watches to everyone. Spectrum believes in the go-getters, the doers and in getting things done.

Our Personas

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