Our Story Sets Our Path

Spectrum, a homegrown brand, has been trailblazing in the Middle

East for almost 30 years.

Designed for forward-thinking pioneers, it caters to watch enthusiasts

looking to make a statement amidst a sea of generic high-end brands.

Spectrum delivers individual style, originality and quality while

offering great value for money.


Cutting through the noise of renowned global brands, Spectrum dons

the wrists of change-makers, disruptors and innovators. At Spectrum,

we are not just thinkers – we are doers. We don’t just aspire towards

change, we make it happen in community with fellow game changers.


Spectrum is for the global citizen. The citizen of tomorrow.

Spectrum caters to people that color outside the lines.


Our audience comes from every corner of the world, bonded by a voracious appetite for change through creation. Inspired by our diverse audience, no one Spectrum timepiece is like the other.


Just like Dubai, our brand’s birthplace, Spectrum believes in action. What was once a pearl diving village is now one of the leading metropolises in the world. Following in Dubai’s footsteps, Spectrum believes in potential. More than just a watch, the brand is an homage to possiblity and the amazing things that await those that dare to embrace it.



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