Spectrum Watches – In Dubai Since 1990

Born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Spectrum is a pioneer within the Middle East’s Horology industry. Conceived in 1990, we strive to cater to a new wave of watch enthusiasts; those who look past brand names and instead appreciate quality alongside fair value.


Spectrum was founded on the premise of making a positive change. We have and always will stand for change-makers; Those who wish to conquer new frontiers, innovate and leave no stone unturned to do so and we apply the same philosophy to our creations.


Change-makers are a different breed, they challenge, create & envision. They are complex global citizens with a captivating soul, but most importantly, they are unstoppable. Every one of them unique, but what ties them together is the sense of value. Which is why we create watches that stand for both, quality and conscience.


We understand that every individual is an amalgamation of various personalities and this serves as our source of inspiration for our creations; timepieces to suit every mood and stylistic facet of your personality.


Like the city of our birth, Dubai; we believe in breaking conventional codes. From what started as the city of sand has now evolved into one of the most innovative hubs for the world. Our vision is to change how watches are perceived. Quality timepieces shouldn’t be a luxury for the select few, but instead an accessory for every individual.


Steeped in meaning, just like the United Arab Emirates, the falcon is a symbol for success, victory & visionary power of our young but inspiring brand.